At De Coninck Natural Stone, we invite you to beautify your car park, driveway or walkway with our high-quality decorative gravel. Thanks to the impressive compressive strength of these small stones, you can create a durable and suitable paving that can withstand heavy loads. 

Properties of quartz carpet

High pressure resistance

Decorative gravel is known for its remarkable compressive strength, making it an excellent choice for surfaces subject to heavy loads, such as driveways and car parks.


The durability of decorative gravel ensures that your paving will last a long time even under heavy use, making it a cost-effective solution for your project.

Construction methods depending on load

Lightly stressed areas

For walkways and lightly trafficked areas, you can easily spread decorative gravel over a stable surface. This provides a natural look and drainage.

Moderately stressed areas

In areas with moderate loads, such as driveways, it is recommended to use a stabilisation mat under the quartz gravel. This prevents rutting and ensures even weight distribution.

Heavily stressed areas

For heavily loaded areas, such as car parks, we recommend using gravel slabs. These provide extra support and prevent the gravel stones from shifting, even under intense pressure.

Comblanchien 7/14

Comblanchien 7/14 gravel adds a touch of sophistication to your project with its light and elegant colours. Ideal for creating stylish and timeless paving in various outdoor spaces.

Dimensions: 7/14

€ 0,00
incl 21% BTW

Yellow Eifeldolomite 8/16

Give your outdoor space a warm glow with Yellow Eifeldolomite 8/16 gravel. The sunny yellow tones create a cheerful and vibrant look, perfect for accentuating driveways and paths.

Dimensions: 8/16

€ 0,00
incl 21% BTW

At De Coninck, we guide you every step of the way - from the selection of your natural stone to its final installation.

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